Step One
Items Needed:
Write Size Template - Black Grid Box Insert - Clear Sheet Insert - White or Bright Colored Paper - Dry Erase (thin tip) marker

This step is introduced to the writer that has difficulty with spacing, keeping letters on the baseline or sizing of letters. The writer at this level is primarily writing in uppercase letters. Lowercase letters are introduced later, when improved motor control and lowercase letter awareness is acheived. The Clear Sheet Insert can be placed under the Black Grid Box Insert, inside of the Write Size Template. The writer can practice correct letter formation by tracing the alphabet, their name, numbers etc., using a dry erase marker, over the Clear Sheet Insert, within the confines of the Write Size Template with the Grid Box Insert. The Clear Sheet Insert is placed over a sheet of paper with the pre-written information to be traced, such as the alphabet, the student's name or numbers, etc. At this level, the Clear Sheet Insert could also be removed and a sheet of white paper could be inserted under the Grid Box Insert. Colored paper might also be tried under the Grid Box insert. Some individuals with autism or learning difficulties may demonstrate improved visual attention to bright pink, yellow, light green, light blue or red paper. As the writer begins to demonstrate control within the confines of the grid boxes, the Grid Box Insert can be removed.