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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the "Write Size Writing System" help to improve writing skills?

The Writing System is very helpful because it provides structured boundaries which prevent the writer from writing larger than the prescribed space allows. The physical boundaries of the templates, provide motor feedback, thus helping the writer begin to "feel" and "see" where the written letters begin and end. As motor control is achieved at each step, a new step is presented, which provides less structure.

2. Who could benefit from using the "Write Size Writing System"?

It could be beneficial to individuals with autism. It could also beneficial to individuals who have difficulties with fine motor control, sensory or perceptual processing, visual impairments, or those affected by stroke or other neurological conditions that impair fine motor control, needed for writing.

3. How do I know when to move to the next step in the system?

Generally, the writer should stay within each step of the system until they demonstrate motor control within that step (ie. the writer should be able to stay within the confines of the structured boundaries before moving on to the next step). It may be helpful to highlight the baseline to aid the writer in gaining baseline awareness. Please see the "Write Size Writing System" demo for pictures and instructions which illustrate and explain each step.

4. Can I use any type of marker on the clear plastic insert sheet?

No, you must use a dry erase marker. We have found that the Expo™ thin tip type of dry erase marker works well and erases easily and thoroughly.

5. I used up all the paper that came with my "Write Size Writing System", now what do I do?

You can easily download additional paper and photocopy it as needed at this site.

6. If my student is using the "Write Size Writing System" at school, should he/she also use it at home?

The writing system is most beneficial when it is used consistently for all of the student's writing tasks.

7. My child has moved through the writing system and I think that he or she is ready to leave the writing system and progress to using the graph paper, how do I decide when he or she is ready to do that?

It is recommended that the student move to the graph paper only when the student has demonstrated the motor ability to keep the written letters on the baseline and within the appropriate lines on the paper while in the template.

8. My child is in high school and wants to use wide rule paper so he (or she) is more like his/her peers. However, his writing is too large and he has trouble spacing the words. Any suggestions?

Green Bean Products has also created a "Wide Rule Write Size Writing System" (Patented) which will soon be available at this site.

9. Instructions for copying additional paper:

When the paper is placed into the autofeed on a copier, the margins may not line up because the paper enters the copier slightly off center. The paper copies best when placed directly on the glass top of the copier. After printing the first copy, make sure that it aligns properly in the template. Once you have checked for accurate copying of the first page of each paper placed on the glass top of the copier, then proceed to make multiple copies.